POLE EXERCISE AND FITNESSPole fitenss is a great way of keeping in shape POLE EXERCISE AND FITNESSLearn new skills and have fun whilst getting fit AERIAL HOOPSAerial hoops exercise is a great fitness activity AERIAL HOOPSAerial hoops exercise and fitness AERIAL RINGSRings are also a great way to stay in shape TRAPEZEHave fun, get fit, learn new skills SILKSSilks are a great way to have fun and get fit SILKSSilks exercise and fitness
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Meet the instructors
Name: Hannah
Position: Owner
Speciality: Pole and Aerial
Year started: 2002
I started up pole in 2002 after I'd had my little girl. I stumbled across pole by buying a fitness dvd with it on, I watched in amazement as the lady span around the pole with strength and grace, "Thats it, I NEED a pole" and how perfect, I can do it from home without anyone watching me making an idiot of myself, and best of all, no gym fees or the need to find a baby sitter.
After a year of self teaching myself due to not having a pole class in Milton Keynes, I found a class in Essex, so off I travelled with a friend each month and then meeting up in the week to practice. I then had an idea "If I take my pole to peoples houses, I can help them get fit in the comfort of there own home and help them learn a new skill and gain confidence while they tone up and have fun.
I decided to make pole more of a fitness, rather than the exotic dance with high heel shoes and taking your clothes off that everyone had associated pole with. So on went the trainers and tracksuit bottoms, away with the raunchy routines, and in with the control, strength, beauty and a good hard work out.
With qualification in hand and poles at the ready, that was it 'MK POLE FITNESS' was born. From that day on MK pole fitness has gone from strength to strength, training up new instructors to take on group classes and now offering a mixture of pole, aerial hoop, silk and much much more, a whole lot more, A FUN WAY TO GET FIT.
Name: Rachael
Position: Instructor
Speciality: Aerial Hoops
Year started: 2007
I have always been interested in different and unique sport-from climbing mountains, world records attempts in three legged races to jazz dancing.
When i was at university i wanted to try a new sport, therefore i started a pole society-as soon as i span around the pole i was hooked-it was fantastic.
After polling for a few years i was ready for a new challenge, this is when i started aerial hoop and silks. Once again i had discovered a new sport that was not only physically demanding but exciting and enjoyable.
The hardest part of going to a lesson is deciding which apparatus to use as they are all so great.
Name: Eve
Position: Instructor
Speciality: Aerial Hoops
Year started:
I have always loved dancing and have done so since a young age.  When I moved to Milton Keynes in 2011 I was keen to find adult dance classes.  Only finding ballroom or salsa classes I kept on searching.
I enjoy keeping fit, but can’t think of anything worse than slaving at a gym- It has got to be fun! It was then I came across Hannah and MK Pole Fitness on the internet.  It immediately caught my attention as I love circus and I was something completely new and exciting.  I relish the chance to do things completely unique and aerial hoop seemed like the perfect challenge.
I have worked hard to develop my upper body and core strength, as I think it is fair to say this did not come naturally to me!  It is such a rewarding way to keep fit and no matter how rubbish my day has been, practising routines or moves on the hoop always brightens my day and there is often a lot of giggles especially when attempting particularly challenging doubles moves!
I have begun training on the pole and silks and can usually be convinced to try new things- a firm believer that “it’s all about confidence!”

Name: Sian
Position: Instructor
Speciality: Aerial Hoops and Trapeze
Year started: 2012
I have been studying aerial since 2012 with MK Pole fitness and Aerial Exercise. I started teaching aerial to children for a few months and then became an instructor for MK Pole Fitness and Aerial Exercise to!
Although I practise both aerial silk and hoop...I specialise in static trapeze. My other skills include spinning fire which I have been doing for a few years, Hula-hooping, levitation and Luna sticks and also poi.
I perform, instruct and can run circus skills workshops. In my day job I work as a personal trainer. I also volunteer at a childrens circus club at weekends.
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Fionnuala (fi)
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