POLE EXERCISE AND FITNESSPole fitenss is a great way of keeping in shape POLE EXERCISE AND FITNESSLearn new skills and have fun whilst getting fit AERIAL HOOPSAerial hoops exercise is a great fitness activity AERIAL HOOPSAerial hoops exercise and fitness AERIAL RINGSRings are also a great way to stay in shape TRAPEZEHave fun, get fit, learn new skills SILKSSilks are a great way to have fun and get fit SILKSSilks exercise and fitness
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Pole dance lessons, classes and Charity Events Milton Keynes and Bucks

Charity events info
Every year Mk pole fitness and aerial exercise choses a charity and holds events throughout the year to fund raise as much money as we can.
What sort of charity events are organised?
We not only offer Pole dance lessons, classes but also Charity Events Milton Keynes and Bucks and over the past years we have organised fun days, halloween parities, getting people to make donations at companies and have a go and jams, and also been part of carnivals and fund runs.
What charities?
Mk pole fitness and aerial exercise are proud to have raised money for charities such as SANDS charity, Hula animal rescue, Cancer research and SOS Animals and Haiti to name a few.
Can we contact you about our charity?
Yes, simply get in contact with us for a friendly chat using any of the contact details on our site and we will discuss your requirements and if at all possible we will do our best to help.
Mk pole fitness and aerial exercise will continue to help charities and are proud to help with ongoing support in order for them to keep up the good work they already do.
Pole dance lessons and classes and Charity Events Milton Keynes and Bucks
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